Farm Insurance had an 80% increase in compensation for frost and hail damage

According to Economy, in relation to the last season, Compensation for losses due to climatic contingencies rose 80% since in the 2021-2022 campaign, the compensatory payment for total damages was $40,000 per hectare.

Regarding the Compensation Fund compensation will be $70,200 per ha in cases where hail and/or frost damage reaches 100%. And $13,700 per ha for vegetable crops.

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Agricultural Insurance compensation will be $72,000 per hectare of vines and fruit trees in cases where hail and/or frost damage reaches 100%.

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Annual insurance contribution Agricultural

Agricultural Insurance is intended for producers of fruit trees, vines and vegetables that have properties of up to 20 hectares. The Compensating Fund is for those whose establishments exceed 20 ha in production. For this season, the declarations made in the RUT will be taken until June 30, 2022.

Both systems will cover the participating producers in cases of claims caused by frost and hail between September 1, 2022 and May 31, 2023.

The deadline to join will be extended until August 31 and those interested can download the ballots of the annual contribution, which can be paid in one or four installments. Those who pay in one payment will have a 10% discount,” said the economic portfolio.

Producers from Mendoza will be adhered to the Agricultural Insurance or the Compensation Fund when they have paid the entire annual contribution. This contribution is differentiated by production area and is calculated according to the risk of loss. The same amounts will be paid in the Agricultural Insurance and Compensation Fund.

For vines and fruit trees:

  • South zone, the annual contribution per ha is $4,306.
  • East zone, of $3,589.
  • North and Central zones, of $2,869.

For vegetable crops:

  • South zone the amount per ha is $936.
  • East zone, of $781.
  • North and Central zones, of $623.

Agricultural Insurance Fees and Compensation Fund

As of this August 12, the tickets for the annual contribution of the Agricultural Insurance and Compensation Fund can be downloaded from the Climate Contingencies website ( and paid at branches of Rapi Pago, Stock Exchange or National Bank.

The maturities established for the 2022-23 campaign are as follows:

  • First installment or annual payment: August 31
  • Second installment: September 15
  • Third installment: October 17
  • Fourth installment: November 15

In case of paying the annual contribution in one installment, adherents will have a 10% discount.

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