Farmers’ Solidarity Conference: Nattu Visesham

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Farmers’ Solidarity Conference No.

Tuesday November 23, 2021 10:53 PM IS

Corollary: Farmers’ demand for repeal of agricultural laws Announces support for the ongoing agrarian struggle There will also be a Farmers’ Solidarity Summit today at 3pm in Chhattisgarh. The ceremony will be held in Darikka. From a conference attended by a number of social and agricultural leaders John Wong, Pius Edayati, who took part in the Hichilo Agrarian Struggle You will see the negative and the negative.

Fr. George Panaykezham, Jose John Wongantra, Chairman P.R. Satheesan, Co-ordinator T. Murali, Convenors Raja P.A. Thomas, Johnny Chan Manali., C.T. Thomas, T. G. Jayakumar, Jos C. Kurian, Ramesan Pandi Shree, T. S. Shikavalam, Modi Thomas and Kariyachan Chenna will officiate. .


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