FAS assessed the rise in prices for housing and communal services after indexation

The cost of housing and communal services (HCS) in Russia after the annual indexation from July 1 will increase by no more than 3.3%, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) reported.

The department will control that the indicator does not exceed the inflation target of 4%. If this requirement is violated, the FAS will instruct companies to lower tariffs to acceptable levels.

“In tariff setting, we will continue to implement the“ inflation minus ”principle, which will prevent the indexation of payments from citizens by more than the amount of inflation. The Antimonopoly Service will strictly suppress violations in setting regional tariffs, ”the regulator said.

The FAS explained that tariffs for housing and communal services are indexed annually in order to maintain the stability of the operation of utilities and to provide affordable high-quality services to consumers. The maximum increase of 4% is due to the size of inflation for 2021, depending on the value of which the average tariff growth indices in the regions are set.

Last year, the cost of housing and communal services increased by an average of 3.1% in Russia. At the same time, the FAS identified 2.4 billion rubles. economically unjustified means in tariffs.



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