Fashion Police Squad Analysis

Fashion Police Squad Analysis

Fashion Police Squad arrives with a particular aesthetic and lots of humor.

Have you ever got on the subway and seen that the guy next to you has a fashion sense to say the least questionable? Have you always wanted to fix the fashion bugs that many people have? Well then, Fashion Police Squad is the answer to all these questions. In this particular game we can from change the color of a sweater with our shotgun sewing manufacturing errors from afar with a machine gun and swinging through town with our leather belt as trustworthy as Spider-Man.

Humor and attacks against fashion

Fashion Police Squad is a first person shooter game that mixes the aesthetics pixel-art 2D with a 3D environment. As the best fashion police officer, you will fight your way through 13 levels that last between 3 and 4 hours in total. The story is crazy and has a humor that if it reaches you you will be very inside. There are many references to memes and other cultural aspects of the real world that fit into this ridiculous world. The game never stops introducing new mechanics, be it enemy types, weaponry, or mini-games. Those minigames are the key, as the combat, while fun, can get a bit heavy despite the game’s short length.

Fashion Police Squad go for Doom-style combat puzzles. Each weapon only works with a specific enemy and even some enemies require weapon combinations and their alternate attacks. We will have five weapons in total, among which we find the paint shotgun, the sewing machine pistol or the water cannon. As you can see, the game never takes itself seriously and that is an aspect that we highlight very positively.

Artistically very good, technically questionable

The game world has a basic look in 3D full of vibrant colors. Each character model and weapon is a 2d pixel based sprite which is easy to spot even when combat turns chaotic later in the game. The art style is the foundation of the game, and for a fashion-based title, it had to be great. A serious problem is the amount of tearing on screen that is in the version of Xbox Series X which we play Another rather negative aspect is that almost all the indications in the game appear pointing to the keys of a keyboard, so it seems that the developer studio could have refined this PC port a little more. It should be noted that it is a very indie title, but there are things that with a little work could perhaps be solved.

As for the sound section, the sounds of the game are very typical of the 16-bit era. The music is excellent and fits perfectly with the setting of the game. Most synth sounds dance and pop at first, with some genre shifts later to adapt to the intensity of the levels.

conclusions of Fashion Police Squad

Fashion Police Squad is a fun and humorous take on the FPS genre.. It features fast and smooth gameplay that draws on the roots of DOOM, but manages to be original, with lots of great ideas and concepts. After a while, the title quickly loses its initial impact and the combat can become somewhat heavy, but due to its uniqueness this Fashion Police Squad well worth a try.

Fashion Police Squad


Fashion Police Squad


  • large doses of humor
  • Agile and fun gameplay
  • Very well implemented retro art style


  • repetitive combat
  • Despite the 4 hours it lasts, it gets a bit heavy towards the end
  • The port to Xbox consoles could be more refined


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