Fauda star in a new campaign, what is the scope of investment during?

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Rona Lee Shimon and CEO Hamat Nir Klein (Photo by Ness Productions)

Hamat, which specializes in developing the production and marketing of faucets, sanitary ware and showers for the bathroom and kitchen, is launching a new campaign in collaboration with the advertising agency “Reuveni Frieden” led by actress Rona Lee Shimon, star of “Fauda”, “Alumim” and currently starring in the Festigal.

The campaign that will be launched during the coming week, focuses on the company’s faucet collection, and emphasizes the use of innovative PVD technology that gives faucets durability over the years, unique design and the possibility of a variety of finishes according to the style and vision of the end consumer and interior designers. The campaign also emphasizes the fact that Hamat is an Israeli company that provides local and “home” responsibility to buyers. Hundreds of thousands of shekels were invested in the campaign and it is expected to rise at the end of this coming Saturday and during the month of December in a wide distribution on television and digital.

Gali Oron Ben Haim, Hamat Group’s VP of Marketing, said: “We are proud to launch Hamat’s new campaign together with Roni-Lee Shimon, which brings with it values ​​of quality, professionalism and perseverance over the years, all with its own style, elegance and style. “Hamat’s faucet collection was developed following a deep familiarity with the Israeli consumer who chooses to invest in designed bathrooms with unique finishes but does not compromise on quality.”

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“PVD – Physical vapor deposition technology, is a real line for consumers in Israel, thanks to which even the most fashionable coatings will maintain a fresh and perfect look for many years without corrosion, stains, and scratches. The coatings are environmentally friendly and allow us to give the end consumer a product that is also HIGH END, also Designed in a variety of finishes and will also remain new and shiny for many, many more years. ”

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