Favorite and rant on the Croisette

Rant: the absence of Depardieu

He’s the one that’s not there. Entangled in accusations of rape and sexual assault, hardly in good shape, Gérard Depardieu did not come to accompany Robust, by Constance Meyer, screened at Critics’ Week. The swaying gait of its imposing silhouette is missing from the landscape. In this film, he plays an unmanageable actor as in real life, but on the return, while “Gégé” still plays a lot. Without wanting to party or answer insistent questions from journalists. Exit Depardieu.

Favorite: with the blessing of Andy Warhol

The psychedelic documentary The Velvet Underground by Todd Haynes, a tribute to the group of the same name which had set the New York scene ablaze and influenced all the greats of rock, is a delight of black poetry and trash. The musicians initially sponsored by Andy Warhol were not to resist long the dissensions of their tenors, Lou Reed and John Cale, before the dissolution of the group. There were some magical moments at the start. The great filmmaker delivers an invitation to travel through reworked archives, interviews, hypnotic music and multiple effects.

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