Favorite and rant on the Croisette

Favorite: July 14 in Cannes

There was a pure beauty in these jets of light and these fireworks which were reflected in the bay, with the solid mass of Estérel cut out behind. This funny Cannes edition celebrated July 14 as elsewhere. We weren’t sure if the festival would take place this year; it was his feast here, like that of the country.

Rant: do we see the same films?

It is quite incredible to see to what extent opinions remain divided day after day among critics in Cannes. We leave a screening all packed to discover the next day that the pool of French movie puts him full of baboons and unique stars floating in the middle of the shipwreck. It must be the wearing of the mask, which does not let the waves pass between us: each one is alone in his bubble and the cinema is hardly any more a collective experience.

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