Fear for Gianni Morandi: the selfie, then falls on the fire “Hospitalized for burns”

Bad accident for Gianni Morandi who, in the late afternoon, was badly burned while he was working in the garden of his home. The popular singer was burning undergrowth in the park of his villa in the Bolognese countryside when, accidentally, he tripped and fell into the fire. The severe burns reported forced his wife, Anna, to call 118 who urgently transferred Morandi to the Maggiore hospital in Bologna, where he received initial treatment before moving to Cesena.

It all happened within minutes. Gianni Morandi was working in the park of his country house. A day like many others spent taking care of the green space that surrounds his villa. After pruning some trees he had decided to set the brush on fire, but something went wrong. The photograph published on his profiles Instagram and Facebook a few moments before the bad accident is emblematic. “I finally found my size gloves“, the singer wrote in the late afternoon. In the picture Gianni Morandi shows the new gloves and the shears with which he had just pruned branches and shrubs, which in the photo stand out behind him on the jeep. The same shrubs that Gianni Morandi would have burned shortly thereafter, according to a reconstruction made by the newspaper Republic Gianni Morandi, in governing the fire, would suddenly lose his balance by falling on the flames.

Immediate intervention by his wife, Anna, who heard her husband’s cries rushed to his aid calling an ambulance. Gianni Morandi was thus rushed to the emergency room of the Maggiore hospital in Bologna, where doctors gave him first aid. The singer reported burns to the hands and legs, but it was the deep burn in the right hand that aroused concern among the health workers, who arranged for the artist to be transferred to the large burn center in Cesena for further information.

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The conditions of the singer would, however, be good. As reported by Repubblica Gianni Morandi, after the initial scare, he joked with doctors and nurses at the Bologna hospital and before being transferred to Cesena he took a selfie with the health workers who helped him. While further news is awaited, it is clear that the 76-year-old singer will have to remain under observation for a few days pending further medical examinations.


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