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The Delta variant moves fast and scares the world. First identified in late 2020 in India, it is gaining ground from one continent to another. It is making its way into Europe especially through Great Britain, where the most widespread mutation, present in 95% of cases and towing the explosion of infections of these days (yesterday 18,270, a record since February). Fortunately, few victims, thanks to the high percentage of vaccinated (84% with a dose, over 61% with the booster). His race to Russia, where the vaccination campaign is proceeding slowly, is decidedly more lethal. she, the now former Indian variant, the manager of the new one, disturbing surge of infections in recent days in the super immunized Israel that puts the masks back on and in Australia, with Sydney dusting off the curfew. According to the WHO Delta is present in at least 80 countries. To better photograph his race – warn from Geneva – at least 5% of positive cases should be sequenced, while most of the countries are far from this figure: Italy does not exceed 1%. To dampen the fear, the first studies seem to indicate that the protection of vaccines with this variant would be lowered but only slightly.

Sidney, the lockdown is back

Sydney sealed again. The streets of Australia’s largest city, with 5 million inhabitants, are once again empty, as in the worst period of the pandemic. The lockdown that started yesterday will last two weeks. With a contagious variant such as the Delta, a short block does not work, clarified the regional premier, who fears a potentially high number of infections in the coming days. Frustration widespread among citizens, displaced by the sharp turnaround. Australia, back in the vaccination campaign (only 4.7% of the population immunized), in the last week there has been a sharp increase in new cases (about eighty), after a period of tranquility. In this situation, neighboring New Zealand has decided to run for cover and has suspended the so-called bubble that allows travel without quarantine with Australia.

Full and dead stadiums in St. Petersburg

Delta is leading the new wave in Russia, which exploded in mid-June with records of infections and victims. Of particular concern is the situation in St. Petersburg, which yesterday recorded 107 deaths: never so many since the start of the pandemic. The virus is rampant right in the city that hosts the European football championshipsor, including the quarter-final on Friday 2 July. Finland has already registered an increase in cases after the return of at least two thousand Finnish fans, who had traveled to the Russian city to follow two matches of the national team. Let the situation be The dramatic situation in the country that first announced the vaccine is partly explained by widespread skepticism among the people: only 19.5 million inhabitants out of a total of 146 have received at least one dose, one in six citizens in Moscow. And the prospects for the future are not rosy: 60% of Russians do not intend to get vaccinated.

Usa, the virus gallops in the no vax states

Delta variant accelerates in the US: its prevalence has doubled in the last two weeks and now accounts for 20 percent of new Covid cases. Currently the greatest threat to our attempt to eliminate Covid-19, said Anthony Fauci, the White House virologist chief medical advisor. Delta seems to thrive especially where vaccines do not take root, ready to split the country in two: on the one hand the areas set to enjoy the longed-for post-pandemic freedom, on the other the regions with low vaccination concentrations such as Missouri struggling with the restoration of restrictions and the hospitals of new full. Hospitalizations are also increasing in Arkansas, Nevada and Utah, where fewer than one in two residents have received the first dose, a study by Washington Post.

Delta variant: fear returns to the world.  According to the WHO

Israel, indoors puts on the mask

In the country that first sang victory against the virus, thanks to a very rapid mass vaccination campaign, the time of concern has returned. The infections are on the rise: over 700 new cases in Israel, the weekly average passed from a few dozen to a hundred. A recovery that convinced the government to turn around and reintroduce the obligation to wear a mask indoors, which was abolished only 10 days earlier. And to recommend its use also outdoors in public gatherings. 50% of new infections concern minors, many not yet vaccinated (Israel has recently approved immunization even for 12-15 year olds). Of the other 50%, half were infected while vaccinated. But these are not serious cases: the hospitalization rate has not increased here, so the effectiveness of vaccines is not in question for now.

South Africa, out of control without vaccines

South Africa the first cases of the Delta variant were identified weeks ago in commercial ports and among naval crews with frequent relations with India. It seemed that it would not catch on among the rest of the population, in the middle of the third wave caused by the South African variant. Instead, now even here the Delta is leading the rise of infections, the scientists report, who speak of the exponential phase of the pandemic, with the numbers that will continue to grow rapidly in the coming weeks. The worst-hit nation in Africa recorded 18,762 new infections yesterday alone, the highest daily figure since January, bringing the total number of laboratory-confirmed cases to 1,895,905, including 59,621 fatal. The government is preparing to tighten restrictions. Delta less dangerous for those vaccinated, but in the country only 4.3% of citizens received at least one dose.

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