“Fear? To date no causal link, there is infodemic”

by time news

In the case of the batch of AstraZeneca vaccine “the caution and precautions that have been observed by the regulatory authorities are due, but to date no cause-and-effect relationship has been established between the deaths and the cases of thrombosis, despite millions of doses made. all over the world”. Therefore, the fears of those who think of refusing vaccination arise from a mix of “infodemic and the disaffection that has always hovered over vaccines which, unlike the drug we accept because we have pain or are sick, arouses mistrust because the disease is so much ‘far away’, we are fine and we do not ‘see’ the virus “. So at time.news Salute the virologist of the University of Milan Fabrizio Pregliasco.

“Each medical act can bring with it adverse events or problems of ineffectiveness – he remembers – but these are now evaluated and quantified in all phases, in particular phase 4 which is that of pharmacovigilance. This should lead us to overturn the information, that is to be sure that there is attention to safety “. The same “Ema has quantified in 30 total cases of thrombosis out of 5 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered in the EU”, therefore completely derisory numbers. But – the virologist points out – “the European newspapers have talked about it in a sober way, while only in Italy the headlines have been shot, and this does not help” in the vaccination campaign.

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