Federal Elections | Jaagmet Singh says proud and disappointed with NDP campaign

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(Ottawa) NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is proud of his party’s election campaign, but also disappointed that more MPs were not elected.

Marie Woolf
The Canadian Press

At the first meeting of the NDP caucus in Parliament, Mr. Singh told his MPs that he was disappointed that so many candidates were not elected, although he is proud of the ” difficult campaign ”led by the party.

Jaagmet Singh has appointed Bob Dewar, a veteran NDP political strategist, to lead an in-depth review of what went right and wrong in the NDP campaign. The party only managed to win one additional seat despite spending $ 25 million for this latest election campaign.

Addressing his caucus of 25 MPs for the first time since polling day, Mr. Singh welcomed five new faces, including Blake Desjarlais from Edmonton Griesbach who is the first Two-Spirit MP.

The leader of the NDP also received comments from his MPs on the elections as well as the policies to be put in place in the next Parliament.

Jaagmet Singh says the fight for Indigenous rights, including access to quality affordable housing, the fight against climate change as well as raising taxes for the richest will be priorities for the NDP.

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