Federica Pellegrini, pregnancy and kiss to Rosolino: the Divine speaks

Massimiliano Rosolino – Federica Pellegrini (Lapresse)

Federica Pellegrini-Rosolino, tapir from Striscia alla Divina

Federica Pellegrini he ‘won’ his eighth tapir of Strip the News. He handed it over to him Valerio Staffelli after question and answer (via press and social media) between the Divina and Massimiliano Rosolino of the past few days. “Thank you for the Tapiro, I really took a breath and I was disappointed because when I meet him, Massimiliano, he is always very pleasant. I would have preferred that he would tell me those things face to face”, said the world swimming champion (and for some years now TV star with Italia’s Got Talent, a sample program of TV ratings broadcast on TV8) smiling.

Federica Pellegrini: “Rosolino? Just a kiss at 16”

Valerio Staffelli he asked Federica Pellegrini if there has ever been a flirtation with Rosolino: “Flirt is a big word. There have been a few kisses, but I was 16 at the time and he was ten older, 26”.

Federica Pellegrini denies the pregnancy

It’s at Strip the News, the Divine has denied any hypothesis of pregnancy: “No, also because to make high-level competitions it wouldn’t be ideal if I were pregnant”. For Federica Pellegrini e Matteo Giunta it is not yet time to hang a blue or pink bow at home.


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