Feijóo forges an alliance with the main economic and social agents

Feijóo forges an alliance with the main economic and social agents

feijóo has imposed the slogan within his party that we must “pamper” the productive fabric. Popular leadership has been around for a long time. weaving alliances with the main social and economic agents to listen “first hand” -according to their external interlocutors- where are the problems and what are the solutions that they believe may be necessary after the next general elections. Taking into account that on the 24th the European “bull” will also end because this is an election year. So, if there was any debate or doubt in relation to the pension reform, in the PP they have imposed the “no” at the cost of assuming the electoral use that the coalition government will make of this vote.

In the popular organization, reflection has begun on how far they can or should go to face economic and social “populism” -this is how they describe the social measures of Moncloa-, which they believe that will mark the campaign of the left. The pension reform is a preview of what is to come and of the “cards” that the PSOE and its “crutch” on the left, the current vice president and labor minister, Yolanda Díaz, will play in the coming months.

This debate on pensions has ended within the popular organization with the decision, imposed from above, that the PP should give priority to “seriousness” and not betray the confidence of the country’s economic foundations. Obviously, in the electoral campaign, no party, not even the PP, will engage in “harakiri” with a discourse that is too crude and unpopular. But, this being true, the slogan, although some like it less than others, is “don’t lie” in promises of the program: sweetening it always helps to gain positions in the electoral race.

Elections are not won with a catastrophic speech either, but Genoa needs an X-ray as close as possible to reality on the street and that is why it has opened its doors to receive and listen to the economic power that “demonizes” the current coalition. Some of those contacted confess “sotto voce” their surprise because they are consulted and talked to at a time when elections mark all the agendas.

The popular leader is listening first-hand to representatives of the main Ibex companiesbut also to small and medium entrepreneurs, and freelancers, with which, without photos or publicity involved, he analyzes the economic context, its evolution and the possible measures that may be necessary to implement on the 24th to adapt to a context that will continue to be marked by uncertainty, due to the effects of high inflation and for the withdrawal of aid plans to contain the energy crisis.

Undoubtedly, the election year is an advantage for the coalition government in its relationship with Brussels. Six months after Congress dissolves to call elections, and with all the fronts that are open today in Europe, the diplomatic consensus agrees that The Commission is not going to enter into controversies with the Executive chaired by Pedro Sánchez neither for the pension reform nor for any other matter of importance, despite the concern that they convey in the private field in relation to the system sustainability. Bull for the electoral year, which would also have a Government of a different color, and which, in any case, causes the same effect, and that is that the new Cabinet that comes out of the polls will have to face a different European framework in terms of tax rules and, predictably, more demanding regarding the reformist obligations. «Today the priority is that the message that continues to reach the public is that the system of European funds works; tomorrow, however, we will be on another pitch», explain sources from the Area of ​​Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Commission.

Sumar’s act on Sunday is another turning point on the political-electoral tableau because it implies that the cards are once again distributed among the protagonists of the battle for the vote. Sumar will pull more to the left in the economic, social and more ideological discourse, which increases the pressure on the PP, although Feijóo cannot “to stop being a reliable and serious politician”.

The banner of social policy, with all its flaws and holes, is the “weapon” that is helping the President of the Government the most to contain the wear and tear due to its management and for the partners traveling with him in this legislature and who are necessary allies for the PSOE to continue governing after the general elections. That Sánchez-Díaz tandem is nothing without ERC, Bildu and someone else. By the way, the work to weave this network of complicity with the productive fabric requires the popular leader to fully immerse himself in the Spain that is outside the Madrid M-30.


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