Female Condom: Benefits, How to Use, and Pros and Cons

Female Condom: Benefits, How to Use, and Pros and Cons

2023-06-01 10:51:19

What is a female condom and what does it look like? Can it help birth control and prevent sexually transmitted diseases? come to know female condom How to enter and use with advantages-disadvantages

as you know condom Helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy. as well as reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases Most of us are more familiar with male condoms that come in the form of a sleeve for wearing over the penis. But due to some men’s refusal to use condoms. cause an incentive to createfemale condomcame up as another option to protect yourself from disease andContraceptionsafely, however, in Thailand female condom It’s not very popular yet. Because it is difficult to find and the price is many times higher than male condoms. Today we would like to invite you to get to know female condoms. from the benefits, how to use it, along with the pros and cons

What is a female condom?

female condom or female condom (Female condom) is a device that is inserted inside a woman’s vagina before sexual intercourse. The mechanism of the female condom is to trap male sperm not to pass through the uterus to fertilize the egg and pregnancy occurs. It has been approved by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) in 2003.

Characteristics of female condoms made of polyurethane (Polyurethane) with a length of 6.5 inches or about 15 centimeters long. At the end of the bag on both sides there are rubber rings or 2 elastic rings to make it firm and maintain its shape while in use. The end of the bag is a ton to be inserted into the vagina. The other end of the sac is an open end protruding outside the vagina. Inside the condom there is a lubricant. but no spermicide

Benefits of female condoms

Female condoms can be used as contraception and help prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, etc., so it is suitable for the following people:

  • People who want both temporary or emergency contraception without taking birth control pills before
  • Those who are allergic or sensitive to latex condoms. (male condoms)
  • Women who have the disease or their husbands have diseases that can be transmitted sexually, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis. infected with HIV, etc.
  • Women already using other forms of birth control but would like to prevent further sexually transmitted diseases, such as injecting contraceptives or taking birth control pills before

In addition to women can use it. The Department of Disease Control has also encouraged LGBT people to use female condoms during anal sex. to prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well

How to put on a female condom

The appearance of female condoms can be bulky. making it difficult to wear Let’s take a look at how to put it on and some tips on how to use it.

  1. wash your hands Then carefully remove the condom from the envelope. to prevent tearing
  2. Arrange the posture suitable for wearing. It is usually used in a supine position with knees bent, a squatting position, a standing position with legs slightly apart. Standing posture with one leg raised, legs crossed on a chair. This is similar to how a tampon is inserted.
  3. Use your dominant hand to grasp the ring from the outside of the condom. which is located at the bottom of the bag with thumb and middle finger Squeeze together to form a smaller oval. Then slowly insert the condom into the vagina.
  4. Use your fingers to insert it inside the condom. and push the condom as close to the cervix as possible Then the condom will relax and expand on its own.
  5. Check that the condom does not turn over or fold. and the open end of the condom is at the mouth of the penis
  6. in the process of removing the female condom After sex is over and the semen is in the bag. Use your finger to grab the ring outside and twist the bag about 3-4 turns completely so that the sperm is in the bag and then slowly pull the condom out of the vagina.


in using condoms

  • Do not use both female and male condoms during sex. because there may be friction to the point of tearing
  • Condoms must only be used once and then discarded. Absolutely do not reuse. If you want to have sex again, you must use a new female condom.
  • If the condom is torn The outer ring slips into the clitoris. or the condom becomes tangled in the genitals during sex The condom should be discarded and put on a new one immediately.
  • If it is found that the female condom is not working properly Consult your doctor or pharmacist to purchase emergency contraceptive pills. to reduce the chances of getting pregnant

female condom What are the pros and cons?

I already know about female condoms. But how does this type of condom have advantages and disadvantages from other methods of contraception? We have summarized them.

Benefits of using a female condom

  • Can be used as contraception or to prevent pregnancy If used correctly and consistently
  • It can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well as using male condoms such as syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and AIDS.
  • can be worn while having sex without the need to prepare in advance
  • It can be used during menstruation, pregnancy or after childbirth.
  • It protects the surface of the vagina.
  • There was no effect on women’s health and fertility. because it is not related to hormone levels in the body thus causing no side effects from hormones menstruation comes normally
  • More durable than male condoms and can be used in conjunction with oil-based lubricating gels
  • A female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse.

Disadvantages of using a female condom

  • There is a high failure rate of contraceptives if used incorrectly.
  • Hard to find and often more expensive than male condoms.
  • The insertion process is a bit tricky. may be difficult for some people
  • Block the direct contact of the male and female genitalia. may interrupt sexual intercourse This can be corrected by using foreplay or using a condom before intercourse.
  • Some people may experience irritation. allergic to condoms or abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Using a female condom can cause unwanted noises during sex. This can be solved by applying additional lubricants.
  • Condoms are quite durable. But it may tear or slip into the vagina during intercourse.
  • The friction of the female condom may reduce stimulation in the clitoris or lubrication that occurs within the genitals. This can result in sexual intercourse not as pleasurable as it should be. But this can be fixed by using a lubricant.

How much do female condoms cost?

From the examination, it was found that female condoms start at about 150-300 baht, which can be purchased from department stores, pharmacies, websites, by checking whether the seller is a pharmacist or a legitimate retailer. law only

althoughfemale condomThere will be many advantages But it may not prevent pregnancy. or sexually transmitted diseases should therefore considercontraceptive methodother forms for increased protection, however, should understand how to use the female condom correctly And don’t forget to check the expiration date. envelope tear marks before every use

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