Female police allowed to become male

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In Madhya Pradesh, the government has given permission to a female constable to become a man through surgery.

Record: December 02, 2021 04:15


A female police officer from Madhya Pradesh has filed a petition seeking surgery to transform herself into a man, but the state Home Ministry has given permission.

The female police officer had last petitioned the Police Headquarters in 2019 seeking permission to undergo surgery to transform herself into a male. The information was published in the Gazette as his wish.

Furthermore, psychologists have found and confirmed that all of the female police officer’s activities are similar to those of male police officers, and that he or she has been affected by gender identity disorder since childhood.

Following this, the police headquarters recommended his petition to the Madhya Pradesh Home Ministry.

Based on that, the ministry has now given permission for the female guard to undergo surgery to become a male.

This is said to be the first time in the state that a gender reassignment surgery has been approved.

According to state government sources, the permission was granted by the Madhya Pradesh Home Ministry on the basis that an Indian citizen has the right to choose his or her gender irrespective of his / her religion and caste as per the law of the land.

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