Ferrari Daytona SP3, the old-fashioned Red from two million euros – PHOTOS and VIDEO

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Each new Ferrari it’s a emotion, and “the one that comes must always be the most beautiful”. Thus the Drake he imagined each of his creatures, before greeting her and looking ahead. A significant message in times like these, where the past is often a burden to be quickly forgotten. While there are those who try to recover the values, projecting them into the future. Certainly not a nostalgia operation, but a force that comes from afar.

In a nutshell, this is what they propose to Maranello with the ICON project. Which was born in 2018 and has so far produced heirs of the Cavallino heritage such as the boats Monza SP1 e SP2, and now continues on that trail with the Daytona SP3, a car that, for good reason, can be included in the category of sports prototypes in the Targa version (although it is also available with a carbon fiber roof or soft top), for an even more engaging driving experience.

It is also the third special piece proposed in limited series of the ICONA family, the prerogative only of the brand’s most select customers: those who not only buy cars but are close to the company by actively participating in its events around the world. In total they are 599 pieces, from the cost of two million euro each (including VAT, in Italy), all already sold-out and destined to embellish exclusive garages and private collections.

Compared to a model of ordinance, a definition that however does not fit the Reds in general, in this case the perspectives they overturn. A concept (not a model, attention) of the past is taken up, updated and projected into technological futurism, reversing the paradigm constructive: the design it is no longer subordinated to technical or aerodynamic needs, but takes on a leading role with respect to them. The pencil, that of Flavio Manzoni and her team, was left free to create without constraints: “this is how a racing car is born, but also and above all aartwork that could easily be admired in a living room ”, as the Sardinian designer himself explains.

In fact, looking at her, the monolithic and sculptural effect of her “dramatic forms“, Those destined to remain more impressed because you do not expect them. Like the front fenders that reach into the bonnet, the squashed volumes in the center of the car, the sides that seem to “slide” forward in a delicate geometric balance of proportions. Without forgetting the coda, almost an element in itself with the lights hidden in a strip of light set between the other horizontal lines interrupted by the powerful double central exhaust, and the habit of the emblem with the horse on the door (with wingspan), larger than usual and painted in but no. Or the “fireplaces“, That is the ducts that extract the air from below and convey it upwards, creating a balance of downforce between front and rear.

Also striking is the width of the cockpit, which nevertheless includes a more intimate cabin, typical of racing cars: one cell compact and enveloping with an aeronautical-inspired dashboard where the 16 ″ display and the large steering wheel stand out, as well as the fixed seats (but with mobile pedals) lying on the floor like a sort of saddle on the back of a horse, with an electric blue tint to contrast the brilliant Magma red of the exteriors, a tribute to the racing cars that once were. Just a few examples of an obsessive attention to detail.

However, those who think that the technology did not have the same attention paid to aesthetics. Even in this case, in fact, the choices are consistent and precise. The constructive basis is that of The Ferrari, but compared to this the Daytona SP3 it is more “pure”. In the sense that there is no trace of electric propulsion units nor, for example, of active aerodynamics: it spoiler rear is fixed, for one thing. A sort of return to origins.

“In a car the most important thing is the motor. First I do that, then I think about the rest, ”he said Enzo Ferrari. Well, the team headed by the technical manager Michael Leiters seems to have taken it at his word by choosing the 6.5 V12 with 840 horsepower, the same as the 812 Competizione, with connecting rods in titanium as well as optimized intake and exhaust to make combustion more efficient. But above all the most powerful “classic” engine built in Maranello, with its 129 horsepower per liter. A record, thanks to which the Daytona SP3 pulverizes him 0-100 in 2.85 seconds (the 0-200 in 7.4) and reaches a top speed of over 340 km/h.

A motoring experience that promises to be sublime, therefore. And that will be reserved for a lucky few. “The first deliveries will start in about a year and will finish in 2024 at the latest,” explained Ferrari’s marketing manager. Enrico Galliera, adding that the ICON project does not stop there. As soon as the inspiration arrives, therefore, let’s expect other works of art.

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