Festivaldera 2021, Luca Zingaretti, Vittoria Puccini, Tony Servillo and many other protagonists from June 27

“Festivaldera 2021”, from June 27 to July 12, stages five stories, five different points of view on the same story. Starring Luca Zingaretti, Fabrizio Gifuni, Vittoria Puccini, Marco D’Amore and Toni Servillo, “Little more than people” – this is the title of the festival – each in the role of a character within a narrative declined in several episodes, while maintaining each its own uniqueness. The subject and the unpublished dramaturgy are by Michele Santeramo, author of reference for the productions of the CSRT, the original music by Marco Zurzolo, the artistic direction and direction of Marco D’Amore. Culture still has its strength and the festival is a beautiful thing – says Marco Zurzolo – A people can be recognized by the sounds and we do this job to give the right sound to our stories.

The first two voices, that of “Angelo” with Luca Zingaretti and of “Italo” with Fabrizio Gifuni can be heard at the Era Theater in Pontedera, but the rest of the story becomes part of the larger program of “11 Lune a Peccioli ”(1-30 July 2021), now in its seventeenth edition: on July 5“ Greta ”with Vittoria Puccini and on July 8“ Salvo ”with Marco D’Amore at the Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater in Peccioli; on July 12 “Candido” with Toni Servillo at the Amphitheater of the Green Triangle in Legoli. Our country needs examples like that of Peccioli and Pontedera – says Marco D’Amore – The dramaturgical project of this unique festival. Still “Festivaldera” in Peccioli with

“All the love we are capable of” by Michele Santeramo on 23 July (Anfiteatro Fonte Mazzola), a production – like the other shows – of the Teatro della Toscana Foundation. But “11 Lune a Peccioli” also offers much more, including the theater / music of “Bedtime stories for rebel girls” with Daniela Morozzi (July 4), the concerts by Francesco Renga (July 19) and Giusy Ferreri (July 27 ); the journalism workshop of Luca Sofri and Claudio Cerasa (from 12 to 18 July); the Nights of Archeology (July 26). At the end, on 30 July, in a sort of “twinning” with the Florentine Oltrarno and by now consolidated collaboration with the Teatro della Pergola, “La donna volubile” by Carlo Goldoni will be staged, directed by Marco Giorgetti, interpreted by the students of the school of Pierfrancesco Favino. We want to rekindle the lights with a project spread over a territory that needs to continue dreaming – says Matteo Franconi, mayor of Pontedera – and to believe that culture must also be cultivated.

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