FF commander. MM. gives precise orders to the troops after attacks in Cauca

FF commander.  MM.  gives precise orders to the troops after attacks in Cauca

2023-09-25 00:09:45

General Helder Fernan Giraldo, commander of the Military Forces, asked this Sunday the troops and other forces to refine intelligence actions and prevent any attack by illegal armed groups against the civilian population, after the recent attacks in the south of the country. , attributed to the dissidents of the Central General Staff (EMC).

“As Colombian defense leaders, it is our duty to adopt concrete measures that anticipate and neutralize the violent actions of organized armed groups that do not submit to the peace processes or that want to continue committing crimes and mistreating our compatriots. We will not rest until this objective is achieved and our actions must be forceful,” said Giraldo.

He did so through a message addressed to the other generals and admirals.

“Today I address you not only as General Commander of the Military Forces, but also as a public servant and a Colombian who loves and longs for peace in this land we call home,” said the officer.

He assured that “the situation in Cauca is critical,” due to the last two car bomb attacks in less than a week that have affected the public force, but also the civilian population.

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“Let’s refine our military intelligence processes. Accurate and timely information can make the difference between a victory and a defeat (…). We must know who they are, how they commit crimes and what their plans are. This information can be within our reach if we work intelligently and diligently,” the general asked.

Likewise, he urged each of the commanders of the different forces to intensify permanent controls in each of their areas of action.

“Make sure that perimeter patrols are reinforced to detect any suspicious maneuver, what matters most is keeping the civilian population, our bases and our men and women in uniform safe,” he stressed.

He asked for greater coordination with other State institutions such as the National Police or the Attorney General’s Office, not only to guarantee the security and well-being of the civilian population, but also to form a front capable of responding to conflict situations effectively and quickly, achieving that the social rule of law prevails and not fear.

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Regarding the armed groups responsible for these actions, General Giraldo assured that “they have no real intention of peace and, on the contrary, their only interest is to continue profiting from illicit economies at the expense of the most humble men and women of our homeland, instrumentalizing them in coca crops and illegal mining deposits.”

He stressed that when “they feel the weight of the State’s weapons, as they are feeling with the Strategic Political-Military Operation “Trueno”, in Algeria, Cauca, for example; “They resort to terror to intimidate the Colombian people and produce pamphlets justifying the horror to which they subject thousands of men, women, children and the elderly.”

Finally, the commander of the military forces encouraged the heads of the other forces to increase both active and passive measures “to defeat all the threats that threaten our country and ensure a safe future for the entire Colombian population.”

“I am confident that together we can make a significant difference. The safety and well-being of our population depends on our joint and determined work. Let us bring the legitimate weight of arms to these criminals and hold them accountable before the law for their crimes,” he pointed out.

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