FFF: Aline Riera, member of the Comex, accuses Noël Le Graët of inappropriate behavior towards her and Corinne Deacon

FFF: Aline Riera, member of the Comex, accuses Noël Le Graët of inappropriate behavior towards her and Corinne Deacon

Hardly a day goes by without new testimonies denouncing the behavior of Noël Le Graët coming out. Former international, consultant on Canal + and member of the Comex of the FFF, Aline Riera is a voice that carries in French football. According to information from L’Équipe, the companion of Franck Raviot, the goalkeeper coach of the France team, spoke at the end of the last Comex, on January 19, to recount several episodes where the boss of the French football, set back, would have behaved badly.

She first explained that he had had, in the past, “heavy words”, “a repetition of inappropriate words”, such as “my love” or others. Then, she told what happened during the last federal assembly on January 7, to Corinne Deacon, the coach of the French women’s team.

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By crossing, Le Graët she would have offered to give him a kiss. But he would have replied: “I would prefer that you hold out your lips to me. Aline Riera also explained that she had heard several times in the past inappropriate words from Le Graët after meetings at the FFF.

The Team contacted Aline Riera, Corinne Deacon and Noël Le Graët who declined to comment.

“You put me and you put Corinne in a bad position now”

The problem is that Aline Riera did not want her words to come out of the meeting. What finally happened since Noël Le Graët would have been informed. He then immediately called her to blame her for going out. On the evening of January 19, she sent an email to the member of the Comex, which the Team also obtained.

“As I feared when I confided to you this afternoon my feelings during the comex, my comments were reported to NLG and above all unfortunately distorted, she writes. The president called me just now to have a few (sic) details following my speech on his behavior towards me and Corinne, who was only an example. It is clear that some in this group are not worthy of my trust. You put me and you put Corinne in a bad position now. So I’m just going to listen now and especially refrain from commenting. I ask Emilie not to transcribe my remarks this morning at the PV. You act as if I hadn’t told you anything since my words are disturbing. And I’m going to think about the rest of my term in this team because that’s not the idea I had of a tight-knit team. I probably don’t have enough experience in this environment to protect myself from this kind of behavior. Thank you for reading me. »

Florence Hardouin also denounced “sexual and moral harassment”

Twenty-four after the remarks of a former employee of the NLG agri-food group reported in Presse-Océan, the spokesperson for Florence Hardouin, suspended general manager of the FFF, assured this Friday in the columns of Le Monde that the leader was also a victim of the actions of Breton.

Summoned at the end of February by the FFF for an interview prior to a possible dismissal for serious misconduct, Florence Hardouin is currently on sick leave. “The layoff of Ms. Hardouin comes forty-eight hours after she confided in several people about acts of sexual and moral harassment she suffered from Mr. Le Graët, says Dominique Rouch, spokesperson of the general manager. She never revealed what she suffered for several years in order to protect the institution, her family and her position. »

Last October, Le Monde already reported that Florence Hardouin had revealed internally that she had received inappropriate text messages from Noël Le Graët. At the time, in 2016, she would have made it known that she intended to keep them to use them if necessary against the president.


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