Fiesole-Rondinella, 6 boys reported: off to Daspo after the attack

The first complaints were made following the attack after the Fiesole-Rondinella football match on October 30: there are six people (all born between 1998 and 2002), including four Fiesole Calcio players and two spectators, one of which players from other clubs, identified as members, together with others in the process of identification, of the group which, at the end of theunder 19 football match attacked the team and the entourage of the Rondinella.

They will have to answer for the crime hypothesis of beatings and personal injury, explain the carabinieri, aggravated by having acted in several people gathered and on the occasion of sporting events. For the six, the procedure for issuing the Daspo has already been tightened. None of the victims so far heard by the carabinieri wanted to file a formal complaint for the events that occurred, however they can be prosecuted ex officio, although they have not ruled out this possibility within the terms of the law. Investigations continue to identify additional individuals involved.

November 6, 2021 | 11:09

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