Fiesole, surprise School of Music Superintendent Cinatti resigns

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happened all Friday afternoon during a board of directors convened at the Fiesole Music School to allow Lorenzo Cinatti to confirm what he had anticipated in the previous days: Cinatti leaves the highest chair of the institution founded by Piero Farulli. I’m going to lead the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation where he applied last fall. In Fiesole his reconfirmation, last July and for his third term, had been rather tight. The superintendent is elected by the teachers after an ad hoc commission proposes to them three names chosen from among the candidates for the office, and, in favor of Cinatti, there were only two votes of difference compared to the second classified.

The outgoing superintendent talks about his decision serenely: I am grateful to Fiesole for all that he has given me professionally, for the many teachers who have carried out extraordinary projects also in the social field and on the issues of inclusion. I carry with me many experiences and many good memories. I lock the ugly ones in a drawer and they are destined to vanish. Down the bad ones. On the meaning of there Cinatti a tomb and even Anna Ravoni, mayor of Fiesole and president of the Music School, has only conciliatory words. We will try to guide this transition as best we can and to select the new superintendent as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I express my best wishes to the outgoing one. Cinatti did well, regularizing all the teachers, managing the Covid season well and taking care of relations with the bodies that finance us best. He has chosen a prestigious and more profitable position. its understandable choice.

And for something it does not add up: Cinatti had presented the candidacy for reconfirmation only a few months ago. Why this fast turnaround? At Villa La Torraccia many ongoing practices have created discontent and rifts. More or less old events that converge above all in the age-old question of the statute. Whether it is better to leave it as it is or to change it. The key points that have generated conflicting opinions concern two points: the method of election of the superintendent and the composition of the Board of Directors.

A commission established for some time was studying a revision of the Charter that regulates the policy of the Foundation that would have effectively reduced the power of choice of the faculty. The reviewers’ idea would have been to leave the latter the task of electing the artistic director (now the pianist Alexander Lonquich) but not the superintendent. Not enough: the composition of the Board of Directors is also the subject of discussion. Today made up of 12 members, 5 of which are linked to the teachers (4 are chosen by the association of friends of the school, one of which is an expression of the masters of music). The rewriting, for now only sketched by the internal commission, would have wanted to rebalance the Board of Directors by resizing the presence of the music masters. The thing, which does not displease the major investors of the School (Funding Body with 580 thousand euros, Region with 900 thousand euros, Mibac with 300 thousand euros), is frightening to some of the professors who have split within them. In this clash between different parties, Cinatti seems to have been quite close, which is why, having found a valid alternative, he has chosen to step aside. Now it’s up to who’s left to put the pieces together and be able to choose his successor.

To choose with what rules? With what statute? President Ravoni takes time: We will decide how to move in the coming weeks

21 February 2021 | 17:10

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