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Production of nama, a food-grade seaweed grown in the sea in the Fiji Islands, is widely declining due to climate change.

People around the world are beginning to feel the impact of climate change. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji consists of 333 islands. The people living here depend on a seaweed known as nama for their livelihood. They say that no matter how long they spend on Nama seaweed, it is not harvested in large quantities.

This nama seaweed, which looks like a small green grape, is called a sea grape. People living in the Pacific Islands use it in their daily diet. It is soaked and drunk with coconut milk. They are also eaten as a salad.

The livelihood of hundreds of fisherwomen is being affected while they earn between 10 and 20 dollars for a 10 kg nama sponge. Only found in the waters around the Fiji Islands, this seaweed is harvested by plucking the seaweed without uprooting it. For the past few years, we have been told that it will take a long time to grow back.

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According to marine biologists,

“The temperature of the sea is the reason why Nama does not grow steadily. It is a very sensitive plant. This is really worrying. Because this is their livelihood. Decline in Nama production means destruction of their way of life, tradition and culture.’

Thus they said.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 2021 was the warmest year for the world’s oceans since 1800. Scientists have already warned that the islands around the Pacific Ocean are more likely to be affected by climate change than the rest of the world.

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