Filmus attended the National Meeting of Science Clubs in Córdoba

Filmus attended the National Meeting of Science Clubs in Córdoba

2023-06-08 18:35:30

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus, participated in the National Meeting of Science Clubs, which took place in the town of Huerta Grande, province of Córdoba. For three days, 26 science clubs from all over the country met to show and optimize their science projects accompanied by scientists, and to participate in different programmed activities. The event, which began yesterday and runs until June 10, was organized by the Network of Science Clubs under the Directorate of Articulation and Audiovisual Content of the scientific portfolio.

At the end of touring the works, Filmus indicated: “It is very exciting to visit and see that in all the provinces there are teachers and there are boys and girls and young people who work linked to the subject of science. First, I want to reward the efforts of the teachers who carry out this task. There is no possibility of having an education or a future without you. Second, because almost all of them do it with enormous effort and we have to recognize it, despite the difficulties, with their presence and support”.

“We need many scientists. Argentina is a country that has very good scientists, but they are few and young people do not always choose scientific careers as a vocation and we need them to do so,” stated Filmus, noting that Argentina has a very important role in science as well as the three Nobel Prizes in science; the Abel Prize considered the “Nobel” in mathematics recently awarded to the Argentine Luis Caffarelli or even the scientist Celeste Saulo elected days ago as Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization (period 2024-2027).

“We have a history and we have a very strong science present, but we don’t have as many young people in scientific careers as we would like. So, having an early vocation for science is very good”, he expressed addressing the young participants, and continued “I call you to continue on the path of science: to discover, invent, generate, create. Finding the answer to our questions ourselves, which is what science does, is the ideal way to follow a path that allows us not only to satisfy our curiosity, but also to serve humanity. The important thing to learn is to have a passion and you have it for science and we support you to the extent that you deserve it”, she concluded.

The Mayor of Huerta Grande, Matías Montoto, highlighted: “Having the presence of Minister Daniel Filmus and receiving all the science clubs from all over the country is a source of pride for our town. We have traveled and seen the potential in our territory and in Huerta Grande we are working with a technological center and, in this sense, in these new technologies ”, he explained.

Three days in the key of science
During his visit, Filmus participated in the exhibition of club projects and spoke with the leading teachers of the clubs that benefited from the line of financing “Projects to strengthen and create science clubs and digital clubs”, at the who listened to their proposals and exchanged ideas for their implementation. It should be noted that in the first call for this line, 209 initiatives were chosen that promoted the formation and strengthening of science clubs and digital clubs throughout the country.

Each participating club was represented by a teacher and three students, and together with the organizing team -made up of scientists, scientists, workshop facilitators, re-enactors and leaders of the Network of Science Clubs- complied with a schedule of activities and experiences that promote the link between each team and stimulate the creation of ties that promote mutual collaboration towards the future. Among the activities, the cooperative games fair stood out; the oral and written communication workshop; the visit to the Naguan Tica Natural and Cultural Reserve, to carry out biodiversity observation activities, and the presentation of the “Matteo” citizen science project, coordinated by the National University of Córdoba and CONICET, with the aim of inspiring clubs to formulate their own community science initiatives in their localities.

About the Network of Science Clubs
It is an initiative created to connect science clubs at the federal level through face-to-face meetings and virtual activities that generate a communication system between them, the Ministry, provincial and regional references, and members of the scientific system. It currently brings together some 10,000 young members and their advisory teachers in more than 700 science clubs located in the 24 jurisdictions of the country. The clubs are self-administered spaces for non-formal education that develop science and technology activities, and that are supported from the Network to promote the development of a scientific and innovative identity among its participants.

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