Fines skyrocket in Spain for ‘camouflaged radars’

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2023-05-26 00:00:29

During the past year 2022, the DGT filed a total of 5,542,178 complaints on the Spanish roads under its jurisdiction, which represented an increase of 15.6% compared to the complaints made in 2021 (4,793,520), and a record collection of 507,361,888 eurosaccording to a recent report prepared by the association for the defense of drivers, Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA), which has analyzed the evolution of offenses committed on Spanish roads during the period 2021-2022.

The AEA report indicates that speeding continues to lead the ranking of sanctions imposed by the DGT in 2022, with 3,704,675 complaints, being present in 2 out of 3 offenses. They are followed by violations for not having passed the ITV or for being unfavorable (618,375), with an increase of 4.6% compared to the figures for 2021; driving without a license (137,475), which increased by 8.4%; not using a seat belt (105,996), rose 0.16%; and driving using the mobile (88.201). (See attached chart).

As positive data, AEA highlights in its report the striking 48.38% reduction in complaints for driving with the presence of drugs (26,126 complaints compared to 50,613 filed in 2021); the use of mobile phones while driving (-13.05) and reckless driving (-3.10%).

On the contrary, AEA warns of the worrying data of the complaints made for driving exceeding the permitted alcohol rate with an increase of 51.8%, going from 56,073 complaints in 2021 to 85,130 in 2022. Those related to driving without insurance also increase ( 21%) and not identifying the driver by the owners of the vehicles (21.7%).

Where have the complaints increased the most?

By autonomous communities, the AEA report indicates that complaints have increased compared to 2021 in the autonomous communities of Andalusia (42.8%); Extremadura (32.3%); Cantabria (26.3%); La Rioja (24.7%); Madrid (21.2%); Balearic Islands (18.1%), Valencian Community (18%); Ceuta and Melilla (13.2%); Castile-La Mancha (9.2,%); Galicia (1.3%) and the Canary Islands (0.9%). On the contrary, they have decreased in Navarra (-8%), Castilla y León (-2.9%); Murcia (-2.1%); Aragon (-1.5) and Asturias (-0.4%).

Community where more complaints are made per km

However, it has been in Andalusia where the most complaints have been made in absolute terms (1,402,101 complaints), although the Community of Madrid is where the greatest number of violations has been detected depending on the extension of its road network. (158 complaints per kilometer), being Castilla y León, on the contrary, where fewer complaints per kilometer of road have been recorded (17 complaints/km).

Leader in complaints by number of vehicles

Castilla y León, has led the ranking of complaints based on its number of vehicles (0.30 complaints per vehicle), followed by Cantabria (0.28) and La Rioja (0.27). On the contrary, in Ceuta and Melilla fewer complaints have been recorded, both in absolute numbers (8,184 complaints) and depending on the number of vehicles (0.06 complaints per vehicle).

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