Fingerprints, photo, handcuffs? The unprecedented scenarios that open up in the face of Trump’s potential impeachment

Fingerprints, photo, handcuffs?  The unprecedented scenarios that open up in the face of Trump’s potential impeachment

Donald Trump has done history with many things, including being the first president of the United States subjected to two impeachment proceedings, political trials that he overcame thanks to the support of the majority of the Republican Party in the Senate. Now, he could become the first former president criminally charged in the history of the country, and in an atmosphere of heightened tension, a range of scenarios that they could leave such unpublished images such as imputation. This would be the process.

The grand jury

For there to be an imputation they have to decide it in a vote at least 12 members of the grand jury. This group, which can have up to 23 members, is before which the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office who directs Democrat Alvin Bragg has presented his evidence and testimonies in this case. At its center are the payments for $130,000 that in October 2016 Donald Trump made, through his then personal lawyer Michael Cohen, for silence before the presidential election Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims that she had a sexual relationship with Trump (which he denies).

After this presentation of evidence, which in principle was completed Monday with the grand jury appearance of a witness with whom it is defended of Trump would look at undermine Cohen’s credibility, the DA’s office will again review for the group the potential charges and the laws allegedly violated. If the vote in favor of the imputationthe prosecutor’s office prepares the document of charges, i the grand jury spokesman signs it.

The next step is the presentation of this imputation, sealed, before the court, and the usual process then is contact the defendant’s defense lawyers to coordinate delivery to the authorities. It may take several days until he appears before a court.

Arrest or surrender

Trump is currently a Florida. If it is still there at the time of imputation you must decide the next steps to take. Could appear by video at the first hearing, but according to a message from a member of his campaign to which ‘The Guardian’ has had access will move to New York “with all security”.

Also ‘The New York Times’ has assured, citing lawyers from its legal team, that it would turn itself in to face the charges and I would fly from Mar-a-Lagohis residence in Palm Beach, New York, for the hearing.

If this voluntary delivery did not occurNew York authorities could issue one extradition order from Florida Although it is considered a unlikely scenariothat would make one curious political screw step in the case, because the extradition would have to be signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination for 2024 but is considered Trump’s biggest potential rival in this race. DeSantis has few legal remedies to avoid signing this order


Once in New York, he voluntarily surrendered to the authorities or was arrested, Trump would be signed if the usual processes are followed. It is a closed door process that includes paperwork of procedure, the fingerprinting i of pictures. At this point the name is also read ‘Miranda warning’, that reminds the person in custody that he has right to remain silentthat anything he says can be used against him in a court of law, which he has right to a lawyer and that an official one will be provided if a private one cannot be paid.

After this process comes the of presentation of charges before the court, a part that is already done in public The defendant then is declared innocent or guilty, and is summoned for the next hearing. In the case of Trump, and given the nature of the possible charges, which are not violent, New York prosecutors will not be able to ask for bail.

As former president Trump would be almost certainly accompanied at all times by secret service agents, who are in charge of their security, in addition to other law enforcement officers, such as the state officers who work in the court. What it remains to be seen if at some point he would appear in handcuffs. It is something that is usually done, sometimes with the hands behind the back and sometimes in front, especially in cases involving crimes where the defendant is deemed to pose less of a danger. But there is a possibility, as pointed out by ‘The New York Times’, that the authorities will do one exception in the case of Trump, “because of his status”.

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