Fiorentina beats Milan 4-3 and inflicts their first defeat in the league

by time news – Fiorentina’s sensational enterprise, which beats Milan 4-3 and forces them to their first defeat in the league after thirteen days. Therefore, the unbeatenability of Pioli’s team falls under the blows of Vlahovic (brace), Duncan and Saponara, which make Ibrahimovic’s brace and own goal in the final by di Venuti useless.

The heart and character were not enough for the Rossoneri, who went down by even three goals but unable to complete the comeback after the shock given by the Swede. Napoli will have the opportunity to return first alone, but to do so he will not have to lose the big match with Inter. In the meantime, the Italian team continues to dream of Europe, reaching Lazio and Juve at 21 points.

The Rossoneri seem to have a better start, who in the 5 ‘would find the advantage with Ibrahimovic, were it not for an offside position by the Swede himself. However, the viola break the balance in the quarter of an hour, after three consecutive corners won: Tatarusanu lets out a ball that seemed to be controlled by now, Gabbia does not wipe out the danger and Duncan is quick to take advantage of it by putting in the 1- 0.

Milan, however, reacts and between 20 ‘and 21’ brings two dangers from the parts of Terracciano, with Tonali and Leao being rejected by the local goalkeeper. The Portuguese, in particular, is the most active of his team and tries another couple of times with no luck, even if the biggest chance for Milan’s draw is Ibrahimovic in the 42nd minute. The Rossoneri giant, however, fails a header from a cross from Kjaer.

Lin Fiorentina he saved himself and before his rest he doubled with a pearl of Saponara, who places a right to turn where Tatarusanu cannot really reach, giving an important moral slap to Pioli’s team. At the beginning of the second half, the Rossoneri try with character to get the game back on its feet, but in the 60th minute the viola trio arrives by Vlahovic, who seems to be able to put the game on ice.

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But this is not the case, because in five minutes the timeless Ibrahimovic signs his personal double that sensationally puts Milan back in the running. At the end an ingenuity by Theo Hernandez gives to Vlahovic (served by Nico Gonzalez) the personal double and the poker at Fiorentina, which closes the accounts and celebrates a very heavy victory. At the last breath Venuti’s unfortunate own goal is useless after the crossbar hit by Ibrahimovic.


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