Fiorentina, Milan arrives at the Franchi

Regenerated. Benevento’s victory sent the right serenity to regain energy. After the game Prandelli had admitted all his tiredness on which various hypotheses had been built. «I had never been so involved professionally – he kept to specify yesterday – the tensions are high and I have to manage them. I had a moment of weakness, even my children were worried ».

All passed, tonight’s match against Milan precedes the stop of the championship. All the more reason to try and repeat against a team that has just been eliminated from the Europa League. «They will certainly be angry and disappointed, but we are equally angry at how this championship is evolving. I hope – said Prandelli – to be able to stay in the game until the end ». The man most awaited tonight will be Vlahovic, awaited by the confrontation with his idol Zlatan Ibrahimovic after a week in which he was in the spotlight for the first hat-trick of his career. «Now a delicate and particular moment arrives for Dusan, they expect everything from him. He has to keep playing and have one thought at a time. He trained well, you have to push him off the pitch for the desire he has but sometimes psychophysical recovery is important. The great motivation he has will help him to withstand the pressure ». Prandelli has raised the pace of work in training, but still cannot count on all the players. The bench is long and can accommodate many, but that does not mean that they are all in top form. «Kouame is not at the top, Bonaventura is training well. Biraghi recovered yesterday (two days ago ed). Amrabat has a more delicate thing in his back, a not insignificant problem ». On the last two, Prandelli wanted to clarify that there were no clashes over his technical choices: “Unfounded rumors are not good for Fiorentina’s image, nothing has happened with them.” But then he kept to clarify: «Nobody must allow himself to contest the decisions of the coach. I have shown that I give opportunity to those who work well ». The fact remains that, for physical reasons, both should not be among the owners today. For the defense, the number one danger is Ibrahimovic whom Pioli, the great ex of the day, announced as owner. “I think it’s a unique example in the world, where a player arrives with the mentality of subverting a situation and does it: this means being a leader.”

For some time the coach will insist with the consolidated form, then some changes could come. Maybe as soon as salvation has been centered. «With Benevento we went into difficulty and I changed the game system, we train to move on to the back four. There would be nothing sensational or new if we changed the game system between a few games ». After all, Prandelli has always preferred this approach in his career.

Back on the purple bench in November, he slowly got into the players’ heads by adapting his beliefs to the needs of a team in constant search for identity. «When we talk about games we talk about philosophy. When you take over you have to understand the characteristics of the players and try to make the most of them: I’m trying to do it and at certain times the team also plays good football, but adapted to the players it has. Driving was not only motivating the players but also putting them in the right role to be able to give their best ».

March 21, 2021 | 11:20

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