‘First Birthday’ Britney Spears celebrates 40

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'First Birthday' Britney Spears celebrates 40

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American star Britney Spears is celebrating her 40th birthday today (Thursday).

Fiancée, Sam Ashgari wrote on his Instagram account a greeting to Cypress: “I call you a lioness because I admire your unceasing power, I draw inspiration from your beautiful heart, I celebrate your smile that illuminates my world. Every day is your birthday my queen.” . Ashgari adds that his trial ended when he wrote: “Happy Sunday to my wife”

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Two and a half months ago Spears got engaged to her partner Sam Ashgari. Spears posted on social media regarding her engagement: “I can not believe it!” And in a video Spears posted, she looks excited about the engagement and the impressive ring her partner gave her. During the video Ashgari asks her: “Do you like the ring?” And Spears replies enthusiastically: “Yes!”.

As you may recall, the trial of Britney Spears And she was released from her father’s guardianship. Spears described the end of her trial as “the best day of my life” and added that she “cried all day” to her 35 million followers on Instagram in the excitement of the trial results.

Spears’ lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, addressed an audience outside the court, praising the singer’s “courage” throughout all court hearings. He added that he was proud that she had “shed light on guardianship matters from California to New York,” and that as a result of her testimony, new legislation was passed “to try to ensure that such cases do not happen again.”

Thousands of Spears fans celebrated the victory out of court and Spears did not forget to thank them when she recorded: “I love my fans so much.”

Spears, in fact, has revolutionized the worldwide world of guardianship in the United States.

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