“First case transmitted locally was vaccinated”


The first case of coronavirus transmitted locally in China since last February concerns a hospital worker who had already received two doses of the vaccine between the end of January and the beginning of February. The news was reported by the Health Times newspaper, which belongs to the Chinese People’s Daily group of the Communist Party, according to which the patient, whose infection was disclosed two days ago, had been working in a hospital in the city of Xian since March 4 and was in charge of collecting samples for testing of people in quarantine.

According to the newspaper, which cites a group of experts from Shaanxi province, the man was infected after being accidentally exposed to the virus while working. Health Times, reports the Guardian, also talks about Zeng Guang, former chief epidemiologist of the center for disease control and prevention, who reminds that vaccine protection “is not 100%”, which is “relatively safe, not absolutely safe. “. But in any case, he argues, “the effectiveness rate of Chinese vaccines in preventing severe cases is more than 90% and the total protection is over 70%”.

It has not been specified which Chinese vaccine – Beijing has approved three – was injected into humans. The latest case of local transmission in China dates back to February 14th.


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