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‘D Bloc’ is an attempt to tell the reason behind the mysterious incidents in a college hostel with a thriller screenplay.

Arul Niti is studying engineering in a private college built in the middle of the forest on the outskirts of Coimbatore. Due to its location in the middle of the forest, strict restrictions are imposed on the students staying in the college hostel. In this context a student acts in violation of that rule. So many problems come unexpectedly. Who is responsible for these problems? Why is this happening? What is the background for this? Director Vijaykumar Rajendran has tried to tell this in the style of crime thriller through the screenplay of ‘D Bloc’.

Arulnidhi’s film selections always amaze the movie fans. In that way, ‘Erumasani’ YouTube channel fame Vijaykumar has chosen this story and given it a chance. Arul Niti, who is playing a college student in the film, has shown the performance of the character as usual.

This is Avantika Mishra’s second film in Tamil as the female lead. Still the scenes show the need for him to think about acting. Thalivasal Vijay and Ramesh Khanna have given excellent performances. Aditya Khadir’s timing comedies are sizzling at some places. For those who are used to seeing director Vijay Kumar in fun performances, his serious acting shows a lack of emotion. Actor Sarandeep has aggressively threatened.

While listening to the movie online, it seems like a good thriller story. But, while filming it, there are various challenges to face. The director has stumbled upon such challenges. As for the first half of the film, they have moved the subsequent scenes with suspense and thriller. The way that suspense was carried into the break fueled interest for the second half.

In the first half, the screenplay has come together somewhat. But, the suspense rope that was pulled in the first half was left untouched in the second half so it slipped out of control. The second half could have given me the patience it took to write the screenplay in the first half. After the suspense, the screenplay is written quickly and feels like hair.

Another problem with the film was that the image of the negative character was strongly portrayed. But the same force has been left in the way it was written. Adding weight to a character is the way they build it up with backstories. It is missing in this film! In fact, it feels like all the characters are sketchy.

Generally, thriller and horror genre stories do not require logic. But its complete absence in this film is a big minus. On the other hand, the strength of the film is the way in which a few scenes are seen sitting at the edge of the seat.

The background score enlivens the film’s suspenseful scenes. Arvind Singh’s cinematography has the camera intruding. Ganesh Siva’s editing adds a lot of strength in conveying the feel of the thriller scenes to the audience.

This film is a good start for Vijaykumar, who started from YouTube channel and has evolved into a director. But he still has a long way to go to get down to the nitty-gritty of the script and the plot of the crime thriller. On the whole, ‘De Block’ has been created as a work of interest, but it has stumbled to add life and justice to that interest.

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