First publication: A fire broke out in a Navy submarine due to a human error

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Again an incident of a fire outbreak on a Navy vessel – and this time inside a submarine. Maariv has learned that on Tuesday last week a submarine fire broke out during technical treatment at a base in Haifa, apparently due to a human error by one of the technical staff.

The fire caused relatively significant damage to electrical panels inside the Dolphin submarine. However, it should be emphasized that the fire occurred during technical treatment, a period of time during which the submarine was also defined as inoperable.

Sources familiar with the details claim that the resourcefulness and courage of a staff member who caused the fire, who was not alarmed despite the mistake made and took proper action without fleeing when the room was already shrouded in gas and thick smoke, prevented a larger fire. The same sources estimate that his actions prevented major damage that could have been caused to the submarine.

In recent days, after the fire, the technical teams have been repairing the damaged electrical panels. Sources familiar with the details claim that the incident could have ended much more critically.

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It will be recalled that only about four months ago, a soldier was seriously injured during technical treatment of a flotilla vessel. In that case, too, it was a fire that broke out due to defects and non-compliance with the mandatory procedures that had to be carried out before the treatment. Following the incident, we published in Maariv about a series of additional safety incidents in the flotilla, following which a relatively senior commander of the unit was fired and others were reprimanded.

Squadron 13 (Photo: IDF website)

The IDF spokesman responded: “As part of maintenance work on the electrical system in one of the submarine complexes, a fire broke out which was quickly extinguished without any casualties. As a result of the flare there is slight damage to the electrical assembly of the tool. The incident is being investigated, and lessons will be learned later. “


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