First test drive in the new Citroën C5 Aircross

UAmong the numerous compact SUVs on the market, the Citroën C5 Aircross is one of the gentle ones. The five-seater, which shares the platform with the Opel Grandland and Peugeot 3008, is now being given its first facelift. Less plump, but with more angular bodywork and chrome-framed black double chevrons, the 4.50 meter long C5 Aircross will appear more expressive and less playful from September onwards. A new touchscreen monitor has found its way into the solidly finished interior, which is now ten inches in size instead of the previous eight. The bulky selector lever has had its day in the automatic versions. It has been replaced by a small toggle switch known from other Stellantis models.

The C5 Aircross wanted to set standards in comfort and variability when it first appeared four years ago, and nothing has changed. The latest generation of thickly upholstered front-row chairs are as comfortable as ever. The three equally wide individual seats behind it make the SUV as variable as a compact van. Three child seats are accommodated. In addition, the seats can be moved lengthwise by 15 centimeters and folded forward, lowering them slightly.

Behind fit lush 580 to 720 liters of luggage, the plug-in hybrid version swallows at least 460 to 600 liters. If all the rear seats are folded forward, a maximum of 1630 liters disappear behind the optionally electrically swinging tailgate. Up to 20 assistance systems support the driver, Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also available.

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Citroen C5 Aircross

Citroën has not changed anything in terms of the chassis tuning, the range of drives remained identical. As usual, the SUV glides good-naturedly even over bad roads. Sporty driving performance is most likely offered by the 224 hp plug-in hybrid with an electric range of up to 61 kilometers. Almost half of all buyers recently opted for the top version, which is always combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission and costs 43,350 euros.

The 131 hp 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine with six-speed manual gearbox starts at 32,550 euros, while the 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel with the same output, which is now almost insignificant in Germany, remains in the range. It is offered from 37,000 euros.


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