Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee postpones Oktoberfest

BerlinThe Fischerhütte at Schlachtensee actually wanted to start a happy Oktoberfest on Friday, which should last three weekends. Now the landlord Joseph Laggner has postponed the festivities by a week. The Oktoberfest, originally planned as a 2G event (vaccinated and recovered), was briefly declared by Laggner to be a 1G event, which caused a shit storm on Facebook and the platform. Laggner and the Fischerhütte were insulted, some users even made comparisons with National Socialist Germany.

Those who have recovered will be reimbursed their tickets

The postponement of the festival has nothing to do with the Shitstorm, Laggner told the Berliner Zeitung on the phone. It would just be about having more time to plan. After all, the event was initially intended with those who had recovered, who would now have to be reimbursed for their tickets. The organization of the 1G festival would need more time.

Outside in the beer garden of the Fischerhütte the 3G regulation still applies, so people who have been tested are also allowed to come. Inside applies 2G (with recovered). The inn had decided on a 1G regulation only for the Oktoberfest. The reason given was the exuberance and sitting close together at the Oktoberfest, which together mean an increased risk of infection.



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