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Harry Strehlow is a friendly and patient angler. But the professional topics of the agricultural researcher regularly raise the pulse dangerously on the coast. Whether it’s falling herring stocks, restrictions on cod fishing or the role of the gray seal as a fish hunter: The topics of the Thünen Institute for Baltic Sea Fisheries in Rostock are very hot topics among anglers.

BILD meets the agricultural scientist for an interview on the beach in Heiligendamm. The 46-year-old likes to fish sea trout here.

“The Baltic Sea has fine fish to eat. But over-fertilization and climate change are causing problems for the animals, ”says Strehlow. Because of the decline in stocks, the quotas for fishermen and anglers have fallen by around 90 percent within a few years.

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While individual factors such as the lack of offspring in cod are still being investigated, Strehlow is certain: “At certain times and with certain fish, the prey behavior of cormorants and gray seals is noticeable. But if the stocks weren’t already damaged, that wouldn’t matter. ”

Monitors the fish stocks in the Baltic Sea – and loves fishing: Dr. Harry Strehlow

Photo: Peter Müller

In the podcast, Strehlow also reveals how work is carried out in the Thünen Institute’s slaughterhouse – and which fish may be increasingly found in the Baltic Sea in the future.



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