Fitness + in the test: Apple’s fitness service is really that good

Whe needs another fitness service in addition to offers such as Peloton, Freeletics, Asana Rebel and Nike +? Actually nobody. And that’s why Apple has to make an effort to win over users with its Fitness +.

First of all: If you don’t own an Apple Watch and don’t even think about getting one, you don’t have to read any further here. Because Fitness + doesn’t work at all without the Apple Watch. The Apple service is only available by subscription – and has also been available in Germany for a few days.

It is a little surprising that Apple took so long to launch in Germany. In the US, the service has been available for almost a year. And Apple has not gone to much trouble to adapt Fitness + for the local audience.

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All training units are only available in English. Only the subtitles are new. But who wants to read subtitles in sports? Especially since there are also entries such as “Trainer gasps” or “Trainer groans”.

500 Videos bei Apples Fitness+

Most users can do without the subtitles, because basically you should do exactly what the trainers show in the video, regardless of English. It takes getting used to, however, the somewhat exaggerated enthusiasm that the trainers display. Typically American, one might think. But there should be users who are motivated by it.

Approximately 500 videos are currently available with a length between five and 45 minutes. About 100 new videos are to be added every month. The offer is diverse, from high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, yoga, dancing, core, indoor cycling, Pilates, meditation, treadmill to rowing and cool down.

Fitness + from Apple

The videos for Fitness + are shot in a studio specially set up by Apple in Los Angeles

What: Apple

The videos and trainers are extremely professional. Apple has set up its own studio in Los Angeles for this purpose. All videos are recorded in high 4K resolution. This pays off when the training is followed on the television, which works best via the Apple TV box.

In addition, the videos can also be played on the iPhone and iPad, but only in conjunction with the Apple Watch. This has a great advantage: the user can see his pulse, the calories consumed and the progress of his activity rings via a display in the video. If the trainer addresses the pulse, it is highlighted on the screen. Countdowns are also displayed here.

Fitness + works well with Apple devices

Fitness + works perfectly with Apple devices. If a course is called, it can either be started on the Apple TV, iPad and iPhone or directly on the watch and, of course, it can also be paused. Fast forward or rewind is not possible, would have been cheated during training.

Fitness + from Apple

The Fitness + service works particularly well with Apple devices – but an Apple Watch must also be available

What: Apple

In most of the videos, the trainers are accompanied by two or more colleagues who also show changes to the exercises for those who like it more or less strenuous. There are currently 26 trainers in total who are between 20 and 60 years old.

SharePlay will also be added in a later update. Then several participants can connect via Facetime video telephony and complete the training together. Your video will then be shown to the other participants.

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Conclusion: The image quality of the videos at Fitness + is excellent, the trainers are motivated and motivating, the range is diverse. Anyone who gets involved in Fitness + can have a lot of fun here.

Apple also provides video playlists for specific audiences, including beginners, pregnant women, and the elderly. In the app, trainings can be searched for by specific filters, for example by duration, trainer, music genre or fitness device.

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Unfortunately, there is no leaderboard to be able to measure oneself against others. After a few workouts, Apple shows a burn bar on request, on which, measured by calorie consumption, you can at least roughly compare your own performance with the rest of the exercisers.

The connection with the Apple Watch makes sense. But it is not really necessary. It is a shame that Apple does not open the service to users who do not wear an Apple Watch. Especially since up to six family members can share a Fitness + subscription.

Apple Fitness + pricing

The Fitness + subscription costs € 9.99 per month or € 79.99 per year, but you can try it out free of charge for one month. Anyone who buys a new Apple Watch gets three months off.

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