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Dhe thing is pretty stupid. The decor alone leaves no doubt about it. A gibbon, sometimes with headphones and sunglasses, sometimes with a pipe in its mouth or also casually exercising on a leash, adorns the giboard, the manufacturer of which is called Gibbon and is not based in the jungle, but in Stuttgart.

Gibbon is a provider of slacklines, i.e. flat, stable straps and accessories on which you can balance, practice tricks and put on a little show. The belts are hung between trees or posts and tensioned with the help of ratchets. Frames, scaffolding and ground anchors are also used to set up slacklines. Nothing like that is needed for giboard. This is the compact, mobile version of the sports and fun device. You simply clamp the thing under your arm for transport, put it down in a suitable place and off you go.

The main component of the Giboard is a board, the shape of which is reminiscent of a skate or snowboard. The slackline is stretched over the rounded, curved ends of this board. Or two. The corresponding holes for this are available. The board is offered in various designs with names like Bonzo, Caesar or Roots Rocker. The associated slacklines are also available in different colors, so that there are a number of possible combinations. The length of the board is always 1.06 meters. It is made in Hungary and, according to Gibbon, is made of molded beech wood from certified sustainable cultivation.

Board game: Giboard from above, below and the side

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The tape is stretched taut between the two ends and fixed using two round pieces of wood – called anchors. This one-time setup action takes a few minutes. Because of the small distance between the ends of the board and the hard tension, the 50 millimeter wide belt does not sag and only yields under load, it sways less than on a long line, and the belt also calms down quickly once it is in Movement is displaced. Nevertheless, the matter is shaky, so that the body is constantly required to make compensatory movements, which is the meaning and purpose of giboarding. This is how the training effect results.


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