Five hundred Russians have become fabulously rich, ahead of the rest of the world

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Half a thousand people account for 40% of all financial assets of Russians

To buy two bags of cat food and a cucumber or, well, three bags with the money left before the paycheck, it is better to take three bags, – I thought yesterday in the store after work. In the morning, gloomy thoughts disappeared as if by hand – there was great news: the prosperity in Russia over the past two years, it turns out, has grown much faster than the average in the world. This was calculated by analysts at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

According to the latest data from BCG, in 2019-2020, financial wealth in the countries of the world grew by 8.3%. And in Russia by as much as 13%. Nicely, it turns out, overgrown, as Putin says, with fat.

Not all, really. Here, after all, as in a bearded joke about the normal average temperature in the hospital, taking into account the morgue and the purulent department. The growth in wealth on average was so high because our oligarchs have dramatically increased their wealth. In just the year of the pandemic, the combined fortune of Russian billionaires grew by $ 207 billion.

Now less than 0.0001% of the adult population in Russia – about 500 “super-rich” citizens – own an amount of $ 640 billion. That is, we have here for half a thousand people account for 40% of all financial assets of Russians. And we are here, and not only in the field of ballet, again ahead of the rest. On average, in countries, the richest citizens hold not half of the money, but about a tenth – 13%.

We have with you over the same year of record enrichment of the elite, real disposable income fell by 3.5%. This, again, is the average for the hospital – as the Federal State Statistics Service considers. In fact – look first in the wallet, then at the price tags and you will understand everything. The number of beggars in the country – living below the poverty line – increased by 400 thousand people. Now 19.6 million Russians live below the poverty line.

Hundreds of thousands of people are impoverished, but only hundreds of people are getting richer, and the country is among the world’s leaders in increasing prosperity. Is there anything else to explain about social justice?

In April, Vladimir Vladimirovich announced for the hundredth time that the main task of the authorities was to ensure the growth of real incomes of citizens. And for 500 citizens it works out. These citizens are the very oligarchs whom we, as they assure us at the top, do not have. Real oligarchs. That is, super-rich people who influence decision-making by the authorities. If this were not the case, there would be no wild disparity in the incomes of a handful of people and the rest of the population.

According to BCG analysts, the situation will remain the same in the coming years – financial assets in Russia will continue to grow faster than the world average. The rich will keep getting richer. The share of funds belonging to the super-rich will grow to 41% by 2025, the number of Russians with fortunes of more than $ 100 million will increase from 500 to 700 people. The number of dollar millionaires in Russia, according to analysts, will grow from 57 thousand to 75 thousand.

Nothing is said about the number of the poor. But over the last years of the fight against poverty, their number in our country has been growing.

Why is the forecast for the 24th year inclusive? Well, think. Just don’t say it out loud – you can become extremists. At best, foreign agents.

Oh, yes, and don’t worry about cats. We made it to the salary with them.

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