Five short ones: inflated sunglasses for the nostalgic

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If there’s one thing you don’t need this summer, it’s sunglasses. But it’s not over yet, and in other countries the sky is dazzling, so it is worth taking a look through a model from the Mykita Leica series. Both companies advertise with “German engineering skills”, which can be seen on the Obersteg, for example. For this, Mykita used a 3D printing technique in order to be able to combine the material Mylon with stainless steel. The contribution from Leica should be clear: it is the sun protection lenses that are supposed to protect against “water, contamination and damage” through their surface treatment. They also offer one hundred percent UV protection. The custom-made products have an individual serial number and a quality certificate. All of this has its price. The sun goes down from 570 euros, made.



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