Five short ones: It’s pretty hot here

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Hot plate

If it is currently too hot to sit close to the table with five other people, the “PizzaGrill for6” from Stöckli can also be used sensibly for 170 euros on its own. The “variety of party fun” and the “social enjoyment” may be better in spring. Six small pizzas in the raclette pans with different toppings are easy to create as a Primi piatti. If necessary, the grill heats from below so that the base becomes crispy. As a secondi piatti, a piece of meat or fish can be grilled on the optional hotstone plate for 30 euros. And for dessert there are three crêpes from the non-stick coated platter, which costs another 30 euros. So that everything goes quickly and gets really hot, the for6 has an output of up to 1200 watts. This can be continuously adjusted using the rotary knob. Made.


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