Five weeks after the birth: this is how Yossi Marshak and Naomi Levov named their newborn son

The former spouses Yossi Marshak and Naomi Levovthey already have a daughter together named Daniela, decided over time to give birth to a little brother for her and entered into the process of co-parenting. In a post she posted on Instagram, about five weeks after giving birth to her newborn son, Levov finally decided to reveal the chosen name for the newborn – Jonathan.

Yonatan, son of Yossi Marshak and Naomi Levov (photo: Instagram screenshot)

“We called you baby for almost five weeks, but now I have to get used to Jonathan. Because it’s simply your name. In the five weeks since you were born, you managed to be Adam, Asa, Micah, Avitar, Uri and also Yoel. Every two days we switched. It just didn’t feel right. We didn’t rush. We let him come. And here it happened. Jonathan,” Lavov stated.

She later added: “This is the name you should grow into. Welcome Yonatan Marshak to Bob. May you have a good journey in this world. May you always be protected and guarded. Amen.”

Naomi Levov and her son Yonatan (photo: Instagram screenshot)Naomi Levov and her son Yonatan (photo: Instagram screenshot)

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