Flashmob study on memory problems in hospital patients

On World Alzheimer’s Day, research was conducted in 14 hospitals in 14 hospitals, led by UMC Groningen, to improve hospital care for people with cognitive impairments, such as memory problems. And perhaps more importantly, whether these disorders are recognized by doctors and nurses.

Research by Alzheimer Nederland from 2019 showed that hospitals are insufficiently geared to people with dementia and cognitive disorders. The results were the reason for lead researcher Barbara van Munster, professor of Internal Medicine and chair of the Alzheimer Center Groningen, to take the initiative for this research.

In the participating hospitals, patients aged 65 years and older who were admitted to the hospital concerned were approached. By means of a short test, the researchers get an impression of the patient’s cognitive functions, such as perception, attention, concentration and memory. In addition, they ask the doctors and nurses whether they think their patient(s) have cognitive problems.

This flash mob study was initiated by the Alzheimer Center Groningen and is part of the national ABOARD project (A personalized medicine approach for Alzheimer’s disease). ABOARD is a collaboration of more than 30 partners who are working towards a future with personalized diagnosis, prediction and prevention of Alzheimer’s.


UMC Groningen


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