Florence, music at 95 meters: Giorgia’s video concert on the Arnolfo tower

“Toys are my band.” In the sense that Giorgia Angiuli he has always collected them and loves to modify them with his bare hands to make them musical instruments. He made us a violin, toy. And also a ring, which has almost become a theremin. Giorgia has decided to carry them all on her shoulders and carry them up the 250 steps that reach the Arnolfo Tower, 95 meters above Palazzo Vecchio. From there on March 25th we will be able to watch his electronic music performance broadcast via Facebook and YouTube. It’s her, Apulian multi-instrumentalist who has lived in Florence for years and now has an international audience and resonance, the artist chosen by Decibel Open Air for the first streaming event of the Florentine electronic festival since the pandemic began. A taste of what will be, or at least hope it will be, the actual festival in attendance, in September at the Ippodromo del Visarno alle Cascine. The peculiarity of this video-concert is the scenography: the roofs and monuments of Florence with which his music interacts thanks to a fleet of drones. “The strongest emotion was just seeing the visual power of which drones are capable – she says – For concerts like this we are used to natural landscapes, open and green spaces, but being able to have a view of a city from above. like Florence, with close-ups of statues and buildings, everything changes and is magnificent ». Because “Florence is pure luxury for the gaze” and despite the fact that she suffers from vertigo, she couldn’t miss this opportunity. “I just avoided hanging too far from the Tower.”

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For the Decibel boys it was a long and complicated gestation: “This year we have seen video streaming events as far as the eye can see, but we wanted to wait for a special occasion, we were looking for a location that really made a difference – explains Daniele Ferrazzano, one of the organizers – Palazzo Vecchio offered us this opportunity and to “fill it” on an artistic level we thought of a performer who lives in Florence but it has an international caliber, whose music could give a perspective on Florence that is not seen every day ». Dat the top of the Torre d’Arnolfo Giorgia sings, samples music, plays special instruments, while the drones, starting from the tower, envelop the monuments of Florence and mix them with the music. “We wanted to create something that would keep in touch with our audience while waiting for the festival in September – continues Ferrazzano – for which we confirmed all the artistic part of last year, Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz, Peggy Gou and Marco Carola, hoping that the pandemic curve will go down and we can go on stage. We made this video to tell even outside Italy that the world of electronics must be able to exploit the beauty of Florence, which can be done ».

March 20, 2021 | 11:48

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