Florence, Venus, the alpaca who goes to the children’s home to bring the Easter egg

What surprise would it be for children to receive a small alpaca at home for Easter? To transform this original idea into reality is the entrepreneur / veterinary Camilla Esclapon de Villeneuve who from the farm in Roveta on the hills of Scandicci where raises a flock of friendly camelids ready to bring Venus, a very small female specimen, at the home of children who want to meet her.

I thought – says Camilla, a member of the British Veterinary Camelid Society and of CameliDynamics – that this year we would have celebrated Easter for the second time at home. I imagined the many children who often came to the farm with their parents and with whom I organized walks in the woods with my alpacas, and I said to myself: Can’t they come here because of the current restrictions? Then maybe I can go home and give them the surprise and the wonder of socializing, even if only for a short time, with a specimen like Venus. From idea to practice, the step was short and it was enough to make a post on the Instagram profile of his company @mioalpaca_ to start receiving requests from parents who will see the strange couple of Camilla and Venus appear in the house for Saturday and Sunday. This free initiative was born with the spirit of giving a smile and a sense of light-heartedness in such a difficult moment, especially for the little ones. I have always worked with these beautiful animals that from South America are now widespread also in Tuscany. Many people take them for their sweet and sly appearance but few also know how to look after them and how to make them feel good. My goal is to let them live on my farm in freedom but also to give the opportunity to men large and small to get to know them. Bringing them home in these two days I would like to sensitize children to the awareness of this species. Not a pet, not a horse and not even a puppet. It can certainly be supported but one must know how to touch it and reach an embrace is an achievement.

The story of Venus is also original. It is a dwarf alpaca, never grown up and not much bigger than a dog. I liked it immediately and by taking care of it I immediately realized that a new element could be in my flock, all made up of male walkers, also suitable for pet therapy projects. Thanks to its very small size easy to carry and Camilla has already taken care of everything for the trips on Saturday and Sunday. I will arrive at the address indicated in the email that my parents wrote to me or in the message sent to the mobile number published on mioalpaca.com – he explains – from a distance I will explain how to get close to Venus, only after having disinfected your hands and in any case with the mask. I think it will be a little madness to have a picture taken with her. A two-day event that could also be replicated in the future. To understand if this project can find a sequel – concludes Camilla – I will also see how Venus reacts. At the heart of my work with animals remains their protection and well-being. So be very careful not to experience excessive stimulation or stress.

April 1, 2021 | 14:54

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