Florentino has big plans for July

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Just before his team, Real Madrid, hosts Sevilla tonight (Sunday at 22:00, live on ONE), in order to open a gap at the top, Carlo Ancelotti was interviewed by Marca and talked about the state of the Spanish league, Real, the Italian league , Ambape and Holland, the training methods and what change does he think is needed in football? Before he reached the battle for the top spot, the Italian turned up for an interview. The game, like all Spanish league games, will be broadcast on Channel ONE for HOT subscribers, yes subscribers, Cellcom TV and Fronter TV.

“The offer from Real Madrid was a huge surprise for me, even though I never lost contact with the club,” he said. Carlo Ancelotti. “If it was up to me, I would stay for life, there is no better place to play football and live than in Madrid. In reality everything is the same and does not change, the only thing that changes are the coaches. The same physiotherapists, the same farm workers, the same journalists, the same vision, the same urgency of greatness despite the economic damage done. In one year, at the end of December 2022, the new Bernabeu will be ready and Florentino Perez has serious intentions and big plans for July. Holland and Ambape together? Let’s talk about it later. “

Carlo Ancelotti (Reuters)

Ancelotti continued: “The Spanish league is better than in recent years. Teams like Sevilla and Real Sociedad have grown, and Rayo is also successful. The Super League? Football must develop quickly. More, there are those who refuse to go to the team. Fatigue, injuries, games that end at 0:10. Enough. I repeat: need fewer games and fewer breaks for the teams. “The idea of ​​the Premier League was born out of the demand for this change.”

Serie A and the Italian national team: “It’s normal for Juventus to go through a difficult period, it is renewed after years of success. Inter, Milan and Napoli will compete for the championship. The disadvantage of Victor Osiman is a hard blow for Napoli, Spalletti is doing a great job there. I am still in touch with Aurelio de Lorentis, the club’s owner. We have a friendly relationship. The Italian national team? In June she performed a miracle and we should be grateful for her. She was inferior from Spain, France, Germany, England and Belgium. She had the right motivations and conditions and Mancini prepared the players brilliantly. The World Cup playoffs are complicated. But we can qualify. “

Carlo Ancelotti in Naples (Reuters)Carlo Ancelotti in Naples (Reuters)

Training tactics: “A smart coach is one who adapts the game to the characteristics of his players. He will be an idiot if with a player like Vinicius, who has a motorcycle under his feet, he will not bet on explosive attacks and give him freedom of attack. For example: if I have Cristiano Ronaldo, I’m looking Way to get him the ball often, I do not ask him to return to defense.The same with Ibra (Zlatan Ibrahimovic) .There are two types of players: those who make the difference and those who must run.I do not believe in ideologies like some coaches.I believe in identity The group. Leonardo’s disrespect? I am at a stage in life where I just want to live in peace in the world. I have been in football since 1977, almost 46 years of which 30 as a coach. I went through over 1,200 games, I lost count. I have no time or desire to fight. “When Florentino wants to throw me out, I will not be angry.”


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