Florida, truck on Pride parade: one dead

A truck ran over two men during a pride parade in Fort Lauderdale, near Miami, Florida. This was announced by CNN, explaining that one of the two is dead and the other is injured. “Both were taken to Broward Health Medical Center, where one was pronounced dead,” Fort Lauderdale Police Department detective Ali Adamson said at a news conference. The second victim would not be life threatening. Adamson said the FBI is conducting the investigation, but it’s still unclear if the incident was intentional. “We are evaluating all the possibilities – said Adamson – Nothing can be ruled out”.

The Stonewall Pride Parade had just started when the accident happened and was immediately canceled. Wilton Manors, the Fort Lauderdale suburb where Pride was taking place, is a place with a “strong gay presence”, according to the city’s website, and is famous for being a prime destination for the gay, lesbian, bisexual community. and transgender.


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