Floridi, ‘Super league or not the system must be reformed’

“And it will be increasingly important, in addition to careful maintenance and updating of the asset, to be able to use it with maximum effectiveness and efficiency, being very creative, open to any experimentation and extension that can enhance your property”. This is how Emanuele Floridi, expert in consensus management, public affair and crisis management and strategic and risk advisor, speaks on Prima Comunicazione. In recent years he has also been involved in the football business, where he trained alongside Marco Bogarelli (“a visionary master … Recently passed for the responsibility of communication of Mediapro, he is now engaged as an advisor to media companies and of tics, but also in support of realities operating in the world of football.

According to Floridi, one should be wary of the romantic regurgitation of the past, unleashed by the Super Lega affair. “There is no doubt that as it is now the system does not hold up and that many of the clubs that drive the movement in the main five continental leagues cannot afford to let a ‘political’ body like UEFA decide on a large part of their potential earnings. . The Super League could bring new resources into the system. It was better to negotiate, to arrive at a shared reform. It is no blasphemy to imagine a Super League more profitable than the Champions League. And then, for example, in Italy, a national championship with less teams in Serie A. A system with 100 professional clubs including A, B, C is no longer manageable “must be reformed.

The pandemic, according to Floridi, as has happened in many other sectors, has opened Pandora’s box, showing that the strengths and weaknesses of football are linked in an almost inextricable group. “A good page, last year, was the battle for a safe restart of the championship. Football could afford bubbles, tests, controls, and risked less than other sectors for the health of its professionals. playing was a good sign for the restart of the country “.


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