Flu 2021, no epidemic but there is concern for the winter

Influenza 2021: Influnet confirms that there has not been an epidemic in Italy but now experts worry about what will happen next winter

The feared 2020-2021 flu epidemic did not happen. This is confirmed by the data from the Influnet bulletin of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. “In Italy, in the seventh week of 2021 (15-21 February), the incidence of flu-like syndromes continues to be stably below the basal threshold in all the Regions that have activated the surveillance”.

Influence data 2021: no epidemics in Italy, values ​​5 times lower than the previous year

“In the last season – reads the bulletin – in this same week the curve continued its descent after reaching the seasonal epidemic peak, and the incidence level was equal to 9.1 cases per thousand assisted, against 1.7 / thousand assisted this season “. The value is five times lower than in the previous season. “The value of the total incidence” in the week analyzed, the Influnet report continues “is equal to 1.67 cases per thousand assisted. In the age group 0-4 years, the incidence is equal to 4.86 cases per thousand, in the 5-14 age group at 2.16 / thousand, in the 15-64 age group at 1.61 and among individuals aged 65 or over at 0.80 cases per thousand assisted “.

Influenza 2021, when does it arrive? The risk is a more aggressive virus

Influenza has not spread throughout the country most likely due to the anti-Covid-19 measures, starting with social distancing and the use of masks. While the absence of a flu epidemic is certainly a good thing, experts are worried about the coming winter. Restrictions to reduce coronavirus infections could make the flu virus more aggressive in the future and doubts also emerge about the annual vaccine, which is made on the basis of the most widely circulated strains.


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