Flu epidemic is declining

Flu epidemic is declining

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The flu epidemic continues to decline. Last week, 34 out of 100,000 people visited their GP with complaints that could indicate the flu, reports research institute Nivel.

The flu virus was found in about half of the samples that GPs took from patients with complaints.

We have been dealing with an epidemic in the Netherlands since mid-December. Last week was the first time that the number of people with flu-like complaints who reported to their GP fell below the so-called epidemic limit, but the epidemic will not officially end until two weeks in a row. Other factors are also taken into account, such as the percentage of patients who have the flu virus.

As a rule, there is a flu epidemic when at least 58 out of 100,000 inhabitants go to the GP with flu-like symptoms for a longer period of time (the epidemic limit). In addition to the flu virus (officially called influenza virus), there are also other viruses that cause respiratory complaints, such as the RS virus, the rhinovirus and the corona virus.


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