Focus Kuwait’s new drivers – Sathyam Online

Focus Kuwait’s new drivers – Sathyam Online

Focus Kuwait’s new drivers – Sathyam Online

Middle East & Gulf

News Bureau, Kuwait

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Kuwait City: GG Mathew (President) Shaheed Labba (General Secretary) Jacob John (Treasurer) Sajan Philip (Vice President) Manoj Kalabhavan (Jo.Secretary) Sajimon (Jo.Treasurer) as the new leaders of Forum of Cad Users (FOCUS) Kuwait, a community in the field of engineering design in Kuwait. ) as advisory committee members Salim Raj, C. The 17th Annual General Meeting elected O Koshy and Reji Kumar as women executive members, Sisita Girish, Aparna Unnikrishnan as auditors, Marai Roy Abraham and Rajeev CR, sixteen member executive committee and forty eight member working committee.

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Prithviraj Sukumaran Lamborghini’s Huracan was the talk of social media. Later, the actor exchanged his Huracan for Lamborghini’s SUV Urus. After Prithviraj acquired the Urus, the famous Huracan was waiting for a new owner. Now the new owner has come to look for that super car. This Huracan was bought by V Sanand, a native of Kozhikode and owner of Indo Electric Mart. The rear of one of Lamborghini’s most successful models, the Huracan LP 580 […]

The sale of stale fish is becoming widespread in Kerala. It is reported that these fish are brought from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry. Large species of fish such as chura, mankada, shark and tirandi are mixed with chemicals. Fish that have been treated with chemicals like formalin will look green even though they are old. Housewives complain that the meat turns black when cooked and sometimes boils with curry paste. past […]

Vaikom: When she was not paid, the female conductor who protested by wearing a badge stating that it was the 41st day of unpaid service, was transferred. Conductor of Vaikom Depot Akhila S. It was Nair who issued the order to transfer the place to the Pala depot. On January 11 last, Akhila went on duty wearing a badge to protest against non-payment of salary. The picture was circulated on social media and became much discussed. Then the investigation conducted by the corporation revealed that Akhila had committed a breach of discipline […]

Thiruvananthapuram: Chance of rain with thunder and lightning at isolated places in the state till Thursday. According to the Central Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of strong winds blowing at a speed of up to 40 kmph. Warnings: Thunderstorms are dangerous. They cause great damage to human and animal life, electrical and communication networks and appliances connected to electrical conductors. At the first sign of lightning, get safely indoors immediately. Staying in open areas increases the chance of being struck by lightning. and strong winds […]

A shocking report that a young man committed suicide on the instructions of an AI chat bot. The incident took place in Belgium, a part of northwestern Europe. The young man was forced to commit suicide by an artificial intelligence chatbot called Chai, similar to Chat GPT. The shocking news came to the outside world when his wife shared the information of the young man’s constant chat with the app through the new media. The young man was constantly chatting with AI about climate change. Too much about the effects of global warming […]

South Korean automaker Hyundai regularly introduces new products and expands its product range in Southeast Asian countries. The company has introduced the new MPV Stargazer in this series. Know the specifications and price of this new car from Hyundai. Hyundai recently introduced the Stargazer 3-row MPV to the Indonesian market. Based on the Kia Carens platform, the new Hyundai Stargazer is also expected to be launched in the Indian market in 2023. 4,460 mm in length […]

Chengannur: Absconding suspect arrested in case of violence by entering an unoccupied house at night. Ananthuvenu (Bineesh-25) was arrested at Nootavanpara Kalathramodi. He had been on the run for 85 days and was caught from his relative’s house in Takazi by a team led by CI: ACVP. On January 5 last night, N. He created an atmosphere of terror in the house of Balakrishna (65) and caused loss of lakhs. TV, dish antenna, fan, electricity meter and household appliances were smashed. […]

Cherthala: Complaint that the child who received rabies vaccine suffered from fatigue and reduced eyesight. In 20th Ward of the Municipal Corporation, Pradeep Kumar filed a complaint with the Minister of Health including his son Karthiki (14) in Nivarthil Ward, showing that his only son, Karthiki (14), had become weak and his eyesight decreased after taking the vaccine from the Govt. Taluk Hospital. On January 19, Karthik was injured by a cat’s claw. He sought treatment at the Govt. Taluk Hospital but T.T. The injection was taken and sent. Next day medical […]

Srinivasan is an actor, director, screenwriter and producer in Malayalam cinema. Srinivasan’s acting career has made Malayali laugh and think through his witty humor. Srinivasan made his Malayalam debut with Manimuzhakkam. Later, many great films and good collaborations took place with the film as part of these. Quality jokes are the specialty of Srinivasan films. The audience could not leave Srinivasan’s ‘Chirikal’ in the theatre. Although sick and resting […]

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