follow the day of mobilization against the government bill

follow the day of mobilization against the government bill

Unions hope to strike even harder than January 19

Hundreds of thousands of French people are expected to demonstrate again and strike on Tuesday against the pension reform. The unions hope for a mobilization at least equivalent to that of January 19 to bend the government.

“I think there will be as many people, in any case I hope”declared Monday on France 2 the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger. “We hope to do even stronger on the 31st”said his CGT counterpart, Philippe Martinez, last week.

The day of January 19 had gathered according to the authorities 1.12 million demonstrators, and according to the CGT more than two million. This time, 1.2 million demonstrators are expected, including 100,000 in Paris, according to a police source.

Withdrawn on this file, Emmanuel Macron, who partly plays his five-year term on this reform, judged it on Monday « indispensable » during a press conference in The Hague (Netherlands).


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